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2016 best hair treatment devices for hair regrowth

Laser Type:Other
Certification:CE ISO
Place of Origin:Hubei, US (Mainland)
Brand Name:LASTEK
Model Number:GD-C, GD-C
Feature:Anti-Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation
Product Name:Laser Comb
Laser wavelength:660 nm
Laser output power:5mw for each beam
Function:hair growth and skin rejuvenation

Product Description

2016 best hair treatment devices for hair regrowth


Application Range


1:Anti–hair loss and Hair rejuvenator or regrowing.

2:Laser comb for skin rejuvenation beauty: Eczema,tetter,itchy skin,chronic ulcer,zona.

3.Accelerate blood circulation Comb.






  • Safe
  • Painless
  • Non-invasive
  • Free of Drugs
  • Easy to use
  • Keep daily life norma
Company Information

  US MK international co,ltd. was established in 2012. We are specialized in the research and development, production and sales of various semiconductor laser treatment instruments.
Specialized in the LLLT series, we always take product quality as our life. With a sterilized workshop covering an area of more than 5,000 square meters, we coordinate with GMP standard, have CE and CFDcertification.OEM and ODM orders are warmly welcomed.

contact information:




Packaging & Shipping

  1.1 pcs/box , box size 180x50x60mm






1. Are you a manufactuer ?

    Yes. This comb is invented by us .

2.How it works ?


  Low level laser therapy , also called cold laser therapy, is based on the process of light absorption into the cells.  As the cells absorb the laser light energy, they produce more biological enzyme to heal the damaged tissue, improve the blood circulation so to reduce the hair loss , help the hair regrowth and ease the itchy.


 3. What is your feature?

a.We have optical fiber to delivery the laser energy directly to the scalp. Deepth is the key. some laser combs have laser diode but it is far from the scalp, we embeded optical fiber in the comb teeth, no waste for the laser energy delivery. b.We use build-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, Eco-friendly !

 4. Why your warranty is 1 year , others have 2 years or more?

    We sincerely wish our device could solve your problem within 1 year.


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GD-C, laser comb

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