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can you get laser hair removal if you are pregnant

can you get laser hair removal if you are pregnant?

Pregnant woman sitting in childbearing center

During pregnancy and breastfeeding hair growth and skin changes are common. Increased amounts of hormones are the culprit for the annoying skin and hair problems. Because of these changes, women often desire laser hair removal or skin treatments during these times.Laser for hair removal and skin treatments have been approved by the FDA since the late 1990’s. Since this time no studies have proven that laser hair or skin procedures are unsafe for pregnant or non pregnant women.a,There have been studies on pregnant rats that have shown negative effects, but incidental human exposure to laser procedures during pregnancy has not proven harmful. However, because there are no long-term studies and due to the delicate nature of pregnancy it has been recommended by most professionals that laser hair removal be postponed until after the birth of the baby.Have laser hair removal pregnancy concerns been weighing on your mind? Should you undergo this treatment when you’re pregnant? CoLaz doesn’t wouldn’t recommend it.

Why?Although this method is very safe, there are a few concerns that you should consider if you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or if you are breastfeeding your baby.During pregnancy, your body experiences a lot of changes. Your hormones go wild, causing mood swings, fatigue, and the growth of unsightly hair on places that are supposed to be soft and smooth. Suddenly, “peach fuzz” becomes thick and coarse, and you are sprouting hairs faster than you can shave or pluck.While you may find it frustrating, it really is a normal part of pregnancy. Hormone changes cause an increase in hair growth, and unfortunately, it usually appears in those places where it is least wanted – your face, abdomen, and even your breasts.The good news is that everything will return to normal once your baby is born and your body has time to restore its usual hormone balance. Of course, nine months is a long time to feel hairy and unattractive, so many women consider more permanent options, including laser hair removal.

As a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) I would have to agree with this recommendation. It is best to err on the side of caution when it comes to the health and welfare of mom and baby!Should I Do Laser Hair Removal When Pregnant?Some may think that the suspension of the hair removal process would cause a lessened effect on hair removal but this is not necessarily so. The hair follicles that have been killed as a result of laser treatment will never grow hair again. Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding do tend to increase hair growth but waiting until after the birth of the baby to begin or continue treatments will not effect the results. Laser hair removal during breast feeding is fine as long as it is not done on the areola or breast tissue.As far as skin treatments are concerned the same is true during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Numbing agents are commonly used with laser skin treatments.


These medications do travel through the skin to our blood supply and have been found in breast milk, so it is best to postpone laser skin treatments until after you have stopped breastfeeding. For optimum results postponing laser treatments until after pregnancy and breastfeeding is recommended especially with the edema and skin changes that are associated with this time. Just to be cautious laser hair removal should be postponed until after pregnancy. More long term studies are needed in order to recommend laser use during pregnancy.Numbing creams or ointments should not be used for laser treatments during pregnancy or breastfeeding.No, it isn’t. By now you’ve realized that your body responds to a lot of things differently since you’re pregnant. And while you’re expecting, getting a laser treatment (for your skin or for hair removal) could actually lead to a permanent discoloration of the skin. So for now, just stick to a basic facial.

Also remember that laser treatments can be very painful, and many believe that pain and stress can affect a mom-to-be’s growing baby in a negative way. Research shows that stress during pregnancy has been connected to ADHD and, in severe cases, miscarriage, premature delivery and low birth weight. So you might want to skip that Brazilian bikini wax too. Just in case. Postponing laser treatments that are already in progress will not negatively affect the outcome.If you have had laser treatment while pregnant do not panic, just postpone the treatment until after the baby arrives.A reputable laser centers will allow their clients to pick up where they left off after the birth of the baby or when breast feeding is finished. Most importantly, enjoy pregnancy and breastfeeding; you will have time after to think about laser treatments.

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