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can you get laser hair removal on your bikini area

can you get laser hair removal on your bikini area

can you get laser hair removal on your bikini area machine

can you get laser hair removal on your bikini area 1

Bikini laser hair removal includes the peri-anal area, labia, and surrounding areas. In the “front” women can decide to have all hair removed or they may choose to keep some hair. bikini laser or “mankini treatments can be performed on men as well. It is imperative to select the right laser, so be sure to go to a physician owned and operated medical spa in the office of a plastic surgeon or dermatologist that practices on site. be sure the center has well trained technicians with LOTS of experience in Brazilain bikini laser hair removal.Unless you have hair on the palms of your hands or the soles of your feet, you are not unique. Some women feel embarrassed about hair on their chest, neck, face, feet, forehead, hands, abdomen, hands, buttocks or other areas. Hair in these areas on a woman is not unique. We know men shave their face, but men also shave their noses, ears, eyebrows, hands, shoulders, arms and many other areas of the face or body.Laser hair removal for men of the back, neck, chest and shoulders are some of our most requested procedures. Male athletes must remove hair of the body some way in order to perform.We have all heard about Bikini waxing. Well, what about bikini lasering? We do that too. What exactly is a bikini laser? Well, that part is up to you. During the consultation process, you let the technician know just what areas you want treated, and any areas you want untreated.A medical office with many years of experience in laser hair removal will not be surprised to hear that man wants his ears and nose treated with a hair removal laser. Likewise, an experienced laser hair removal office will have ample experience performing laser hair removal on any area of the face or body of a woman.

can you get laser hair removal on your bikini area

Can Lasering Your Bikini Area Cause Infertility?

There’s an internet rumor creeping around that we want to squash right now, before anyone else buys into it. Getting laser hair removal on your bikini area cannot cause infertility. We know your friend’s sister’s cousin’s friend swears she knows someone it happened to, but it’s just not possible.”The way laser hair removal works is by targeting pigment in a hair follicle,” says Elizabeth Hale, a dermatologist and a clinical associate professor of dermatology at the New York University School of Medicine in New York City. “The lasers we use penetrate less than one millimeter into the skin, so there’s no way they could reach your ovaries. But even if they did—which they never, ever could—they wouldn’t do anything, anyway. They work on pigment and have no bearing on fertility.”What is risky, however, is getting laser hair removal from a spa tech instead of a dermatologist. “Using the wrong laser on dark skin or someone with a tan can create burns or dark spots,” says Hale. So pass that on to your friend’s sister’s cousin’s friend, OK?

can you get laser hair removal on your bikini area 3

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