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can you get laser hair removal while pregnant you not know

can you get laser hair removal while pregnant you know or not

How Laser Hair Removal work?

Various types of lasers may be used for hair removal, but the central feature of them is that they will destroy the hair follicle by the process of selective photo thermolysis.This in simple terms means that the hair will be heated and then destroyed without damaging the surrounding tissue.Hair pigment, which is called melanin, absorbs the laser which in turn heats up and destroys the follicle.The light emitted by the lasers in this type of hair removal is carefully calibrated to operate at a specific wavelength that will target the melanin.

Should I Postpone My Laser Hair Removal Sessions When I Get Pregnant?

Postponing your already-scheduled laser hair removal sessions during your pregnancy isn’t absolutely necessary. However, if you have already started a series of laser hair removal treatments and then discover that you are pregnant, you may decide to postpone the rest of your sessions until post-delivery. If you feel more at ease re-scheduling your laser hair removal sessions until after you have your baby, you can always use alternative forms of hair removal during your pregnancy.

To find out how other hair removal techniques compare to laser hair removal, take a look at our side-by-side comparisons of laser hair removal and waxing, shaving and electrolysis.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe During Pregnancy?

Research has not yet shown that it is unsafe to receive laser hair removal treatments while pregnant, though some recommend avoiding having laser hair removal on the abdomen and breast areas during pregnancy, especially if you plan to breastfeed your baby.

You should always consult with your maternity doctor before deciding to have any kind of cosmetic or medical treatment.

5 Factors About Laser Hair Removal to Consider When Pregnant

1.      Laser hair removal uses laser radiation to produce intense heat that destroys unwanted hair at the root. The laser beams only penetrate a few millimeters into the skin and have been proven to have no negative effects on patients.

2.      Laser hair removal procedures can be slightly painful for some people, so a numbing cream may be applied before the treatment. If you are pregnant, you may not want to use the numbing cream or certain topical pain relievers. Ask your doctor if topical numbing creams are safe to use during your pregnancy.

3.      Your skin may become more sensitive during pregnancy, which could increase sensations of pain, redness, or irritation during and after laser hair removal.

4.      Hormone changes associated with pregnancy can affect your hair growth patterns, regrowth time, and hair thickness, which may also affect the frequency and coverage area of future laser hair removal sessions.

5.      Laser hair removal can become awkward or uncomfortable in the later stages of pregnancy, especially on sensitive breasts or the bikini area.

can you get laser hair removal while pregnant

can you have laser hair removal when pregnant

can you get underarm laser hair removal while pregnant

can you get laser hair removal done while pregnant

can you get laser hair removal on face while pregnant

can you get laser hair removal while pregnant

can you get laser hair removal while pregnant

How safe is laser hair removal during pregnancy?

Truthfully, it is unknown how safe laser hair removal is during pregnancy, but some medical professionals believe that it is ok to use laser hair removal treatments when pregnant, as long as you are not in your third trimester of pregnancy. If this type of treatment is performed on a pregnant woman during later pregnancy, the laser may penetrate the womb and affect the development of the baby. In addition, using laser hair removal treatments during pregnancy can lead to serious side-effects like: skin pigmentation, severe burns, uneven hair re-growth and/or painful skin lesions.

As a way to monitor the use of laser removal during pregnancy, some medical professionals will not perform this service without prior authorization from an obstetrician. It is important to note that laser hair removal treatments are not as effective on women who have red, grey or blond hair, as it is on women with dark hair. It is also advised to proceed with caution if you have an olive, tan or darker skin tone because it can lead to skin discoloration. It is imperative that you contact your physician before having laser removal during pregnancy.

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