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Distributors Wanted 2016 physical therapy laser therapy device for rhinitis and blood purify

Place of Origin:Hubei, US (Mainland)
Brand Name:LASTEK
Model Number:GD02-B-1
Certificate:CE, RoHs, ISO13485, ISO9001, SFDA
Properties:Rehabilitation therapy supplier
Treatment result:Positive clinical trial supported
Sevice:ODM, OEM
Packing:1pc/box 25.2*18.2*6.0cm


Product Description

Distributors Wanted 2016 physical therapy laser therapy device  for rhinitis and blood purify



Low intensity laser also called low power, low level or soft laser of which the output power density is 1 level.


After low intensity laser applied to biology, there is no irreversible damage to biological organization, just cause

a series of physiological and biochemical changes ,such as anti-inflammatory and analgesic, convergence wound,

desensitization, adjust the body function and so on, in order to achieve the cure effect.


Low level laser do not cause irreversible damage to the target tissue but only a series of physiological and biochemical

changes. The laser in the above wavelengths is harmless to body tissue/cell but it can penetrate skin, fat, muscle, blood

vessel wall and etc. There is about 10% laser energy will be absorbed by blood during the irradiation. The results of clinical

tests indicate that the low level laser is a powerful biological stimulation source which can improve the blood circulation, nerve

functions, anti-disease ability, and accelerate regeneration of cell, hair’s growth, cure of wounds and tissue recovery.



1) Influence to soft tissue

Low level laser can accelerate the cure process of wounds by stimulating granulation tissue and reepithlialization.

After irradiation, the esterase content in the macrophage sap in wounds will increase, the regeneration of epithelium,

fibroblast will be accelerated and the DNA content in these cells will increase as well.

2) Influence to ulceration healing

Proper irradiation to the ulceration areas by low level laser can accelerate cure process of ulceration and regeneration of epidermis,

no cicatrization generating. Since the irradiation can stimulate collagen combining and regeneration of capillary vessels,

increase kinds of bioactive enzyme and the quantity of immunoglobulin in the secretion of ulceration.

3) Influence to fracture healing

Continuous irradiation to the fracture area by low level laser can accelerate regeneration of bone and the porotic process.

The effect of the laser is to improve the functions of osteoplast, accelerate the callus metabolism and reaction. Through irradiation,

the absorption to haematoma will be accelerated, the macrophage will be generated promptly, the quantity of fibroblast and

capillary vessels will be increased, chondrocyte will be more active, calcium salt aggradation will occur earlier, all of the above will

make positive effect to the recovery of fracture.

4) Influence to diminish inflammation and relieve pain      

Low level laser irradiation can diminish the infective inflammation caused by staphylococci, on the one hand it can stimulate

the defensive quality of body which result in enhancement of immunity function; on the other hand it can greatly increase the

quantity of RNA and glycogen in skin and muscle. According to the tests, at the early/middle stage of acute inflammation,

the serotonin content will increase in local tissue while low lever laser irradiation can decrease the serotonin content in local tissue and accelerate morphine-like substance’s release thus the pain will be relieved.






Aplication range


hypertension, ischemic,
cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
It also has good curative effect on the rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, acute rhinitis, sinusitis and nasal polyps.







1. Small size and portable, can be used at anytime and anywhere.

2. Dual output capability so as to be used simultaneously by two people.

3. Large LCD screen display the time, date and calendar.

4. High-class and durable metal enclosure which is conducive to heat diffusion for the power stable.

5. Specially added laser stabilizer.

6. High-capacity lithum battery.

7. HIgh quality import laser head with long life span.

8. Two output modes: Pulse and Continues, can be switched manually or automatically.

9. Adjustable treatment time/power.






Company Information


US MK international co,ltd. was established in 2012. We are specialized in the research and development, production and sales of various semiconductor laser treatment instruments.
Specialized in the LLLT series, we always take product quality as our life. With a sterilized workshop covering an area of more than 5,000 square meters, we coordinate with GMP standard, have CE and CFDA certification.OEM and ODM orders are warmly welcomed.





Contact us

      ATTN:Allen Lu





1.1 pcs/box , box size 252*182*60mm 



3.By air

4By sea






1. What’s the treatment course?
As a general patents, Twice per day .15 minutes for each time, 7-10 days for one treatment session. After 7- 10 days,Stop one or two days, Then, continue for next session.No any side effects under the long-term use. During the treatment, drink more, eat more vegetables .

2. Why Irradiation Nasal cavity?
The location of nasal cavity is close to brain which is the center of human bosy.Abudant vessels and nerve systems are distributed under the nasal cavity.60% blood flow of nasal mucosa goes through arteries and vein, and blood goes through nasal cavity at around 3 minutes.

3. Are you manufacture and what’s the Warranty?
US MK international co,ltd is real this machine manufacture and located in Optical valley,US,US. OEM, ODM always warmly welcome!
All our machine One year freely warranty, and lifetime maintenance.


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