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do you have to grow out hair for laser removal

do you have to grow out hair for laser removal


explains that the area you plan to treat with laser hair removal needs to be clean shaven prior to your treatment. This allows the energy from the laser to travel down to the hair follicle destroying it.As we have already mentioned, laser hair removal is an efficient and clean way to get rid of excess hair that might grow on one’s face, underarms, arms, legs, and groin area etc.Other than that, it is also a precise method that only targets the excess hairs that have grown. You won’t have to worry about the surrounding areas getting affected or damaged. This is a blessing considering the fact that shaving or tweezing can often end up damaging or injuring the skin around the area that needs to be treated.Laser hair removal is also a quick method of removing hair. While shaving and tweezing can take more than an hour, laser hair removal can be carried out in minutes. In fact, it takes a just a few seconds to remove multiple patches of hair growth. For instance, the entire upper lip can be made free of excess hair in less than 60 seconds.

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