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how much does laser hair removal cost for face

What is laser hair removal ?

Laser Hair Removal is a fast and gentle way to remove unwanted hair with permanent results. Lasers emit a specific wavelength of light to target the hair follicle at the root.Laser is a relatively new technique for hair removal, beginning in the mid 1990’s. Laser uses selective photothermolysis to cause localised damage to the hair follicle. The laser targets melanin (color) in the hair (hair must have color with laser). When the laser detects the color in the hair, the follicle is heated and the blood supply is cut off. When this happens the hair will no longer grow. The best candidates for laser have very little color in their skin and color in their hair. Laser hair removal is permanent hair reduction. Laser hair removal is “unregulated” meaning anyone can perform the treatment without any training or certification.

Laser Hair Removal: Melanin in the hair absorbs energy from the laser, creating heat which damages the hair follicle. Light and gray hairs and dark skin are more challenging for laser treatment.

How does it work?

SmoothSkin Gold uses Intense Pulsed Light. The light energy is transported through the skin and further is absorbed by the melanin present in the hair. Then, this energy absorbed is transformed into heat energy which disables the hair follicle. The hair treated falls out naturally within a few days to 2 weeks.

The device is FDA approved for home usage. It includes a cartridge with 300,000 flashes which is an extremely high amount. It is in fact, estimated to be enough for around 15 years of treatments.

It works good on a large range of skin tones, but unfortunately, it does not work for light hair or dark skin.

SmoothSkin Gold offers dual treatment modes, which makes it ideal for treating both small and large areas. Glide Mode is perfect for large areas such as the legs, while Stamp Mode is recommended for smaller and delicate parts, such as the bikini area.

The product is quite new, so there are not a lot of reviews from people. However, the existing buyers are mostly satisfied with the results.

It comes with a two-years warranty which is quite good compared to others and can be used without issues during this time.

how much does laser hair removal cost for face

what laser hair removal benefit?

Laser hair removal may be done just about anywhere on the face and body, except your eye area. This makes the procedure versatile in its uses.There is also little-to-no recovery time involved. You can resume your normal activities after each procedure.Although new hairs may still grow, you’ll notice that they grow in finer and lighter in color than before. This means that when there is regrowth it won’t look as heavy as before.This procedure tends to work best if you have both fair skin and dark hair.

One of the biggest advantages of laser hair removal is the speed of the treatment in comparison electrolysis, which is much more time consuming.

1 The technique is considered to be safe if performed properly.
2 It is considered to be less painful than other methods (particularly electrolysis).
3 The process works – most people experience long-lasting hair removal or even permanent hair reduction.
4 The method is effective for removing hair from large areas such as backs or legs.
Good for larger patches of skin such as arms, legs and back, as treatment times are faster.
5 Clinics that use a variety of advanced, medical-grade lasers will be able to treat a variety of types of hair on people with diverse complexions, so it pays to invest in a good quality treatment.
6 Skin that contrasts to the color of the hair gets the best results, such as dark hair on the fair-toned skin.
7 Less painful than other hair removal procedures.

how much does laser hair removal cost for face

how much does laser hair removal cost for face?

Cost varies based on multiple factors including:

the specialist’s experience
geographic location
size of the treatment area
number of sessions

As of 2016, laser hair removal cost $306 per session on average, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Most offices offer payment plans.

As an elective procedure, laser hair removal is not covered by medical insurance.

how much does a face laser hair removal cost

how much does a full face laser hair removal cost

how much is laser hair removal for face and neck

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