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is it safe to do laser hair removal while pregnant

is it safe to do laser hair removal while pregnant?

5 Factors About Laser Hair Removal to Consider When Pregnant

Postponing your already-scheduled laser hair removal sessions during your pregnancy isn’t absolutely necessary. However, if you have already started a series of laser hair removal treatments and then discover that you are pregnant, you may decide to postpone the rest of your sessions until post-delivery. If you feel more at ease re-scheduling your laser hair removal sessions until after you have your baby, you can always use alternative forms of hair removal during your pregnancy.

A. Laser hair removal uses laser radiation to produce intense heat that destroys unwanted hair at the root. The laser beams only penetrate a few millimeters into the skin and have been proven to have no negative effects on patients.

B. Laser hair removal procedures can be slightly painful for some people, so a numbing cream may be applied before the treatment. If you are pregnant, you may not want to use the numbing cream or certain topical pain relievers. Ask your doctor if topical numbing creams are safe to use during your pregnancy.

C. Your skin may become more sensitive during pregnancy, which could increase sensations of pain, redness, or irritation during and after laser hair removal.

D. Hormone changes associated with pregnancy can affect your hair growth patterns, regrowth time, and hair thickness, which may also affect the frequency and coverage area of future laser hair removal sessions.

D. Laser hair removal can become awkward or uncomfortable in the later stages of pregnancy, especially on sensitive breasts or the bikini area.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time; a time during which a woman’s body undergoes many changes. Some of these changes are welcome – such as stronger nails and ‘glowing’ skin – and some of these changes are not so welcome.It is common for pregnant women to experience excess hair growth in unwanted areas, and to understandably want it removed. Although the pain of waxing might not be something you’d jump at while enduring some of the other aches and pains associated with pregnancy, at MySkin Laser we do recommend waiting until you have finished breastfeeding to start or re-commence Laser Hair Removal treatments.

How Laser Hair Removal Works-Laser Hair Removal targets hair follicles in areas where hair growth is unwanted. During treatment, an intense pulse light is focused on the follicle in order to incur damage that will prevent future hair growth.In the rare event that a patient experiences an uncomfortable amount of pain during Laser Hair Removal, our laser technicians will apply numbing agents to the affected areas. These medications do travel through the skin to the blood supply, and could potentially contaminate breast milk.Although Laser Hair Removal is not a dangerous procedure and the application of pulse lasers has not been shown to affect more than the top layers of skin, our MySkin technicians do not like to take chances with the well-being of clients. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend putting your Laser Hair Removal treatments on hold.

Will Laser Hair Removal Affect My Baby?-While there is no link connecting Laser Hair Removal to negative effects on pregnant or lactating women, there is likewise no evidence to guarantee it is a safe treatment method during this time.This vital lack of information regarding the effects of Laser Hair Removal on the foetus should beget caution. Because we cannot guarantee your total safety – nor that of your child – we will not perform Laser Hair Removal while you are pregnant or breastfeeding.If you are troubled by excess hair growth during pregnancy, we recommend more temporary hair removal solutions such as waxing and shaving. Once you have given birth and finished breastfeeding, we are happy to re-commence your Laser Hair Removal sessions where we left off.

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