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What is low level laser machines?

low level laser machines for sale

low level laser machines for sale

What is History of Low Level Laser Machines LLLT?-In 1903, Dr. Nils Finsen was awarded a Nobel Prize for his contribution to the treatment of diseases, especially lupus vulgaris, with concentrated light radiation . In 1960, Professor Maiman TH built the first working red ruby laser , but it was not until 1967 when Mester E et al. was able to demonstrate the phenomenon of “laser bio stimulation” . In 1999, Whelan H et al. presented his work on the medical applications of light emitting diodes (LED) for use on the NASA space station . Subsequently over 400 Phase III randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials have been published, with over 4000 laboratory studies of Low Level Laser Machines LLLT. (Pubmed.gov)

A laser is a device that generates light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. There are four main classes of lasers as defined by the International Engineering Consortium (IEC standard 60825.) These classes indicate potential danger the radiation is to the eye.

Class 1/1M – CD player
Class 2/2M – laser pointer
Class 3R/3B – Low Level Laser Machines LLLT and CD and DVD writers
Class 4 – Surgical laser

Low Level Laser Machines LLLT is the application of light (usually a low powered laser or LED typically power range of (10mW–500mW). Light with a wavelength in the red to near infrared region of the spectrum (660nm–905nm), is generally employed because these wavelengths have the ability to penetrate skin, and soft/hard tissues (Figure 2) and are proven in clinical trials to have a good effect on pain, inflammation and tissue repair. The power density (irradiance) is usually between 5W/cm2 and is applied to an injury or to a painful site for 30–60 seconds a few times a week for several weeks. The result is a reduction of inflammation, pain relief and accelerated tissue regeneration. In most cases the lasers/LEDs used for Low Level Laser Machines LLLT emit a divergent beam (not focused or collimated) because collimation is lost in tissue, but as a consequence ocular risks are also diminished over distance.

What is Low Level Laser Machines LLLT and Application range

About Low Level Laser Machines LLLT-A huge amount of research data has been collected on the effects of Low Level Laser Machines LLLT both in laboratory and clinical settings. The most significant results include:

Wound healing is significantly improved by Low Level Low Level Laser Machines LLLT (LLLT), even in non-healing wounds, thought to be due to the increased level of collagen brought about by laser treatment. Collagen, the chief constituent of connective tissue, is recognized as the most important ingredient in wound healing.
Increases in blood flow by means of capillary and arterial widening of the lumen of blood vessels, vasodilatation.
Marked improvement in re-establishment of the lymphatic system after trauma, resulting in reduction of swelling. This is due to the evacuation of dirty proteins by the regenerated lymphatic vessels.
Laser light stimulates release of the body’s own pain killing chemicals such as endorphins and enkephalins, facilitating natural, long lasting pain relief

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How low level laser machines work?

How Low Level Laser Machines LLLT Works?-The laser is applied either directly to the surface of the skin or it can be held just above the skin surface if direct contact is too painful for the pet. It is rare that an animal requires sedation for Low Level Laser Machines LLLT because treatment can be administered without discomfort or restraint. Another benefit to Low Level Laser Machines LLLT is that it is not necessary to shave the fur in the region of treatment. The laser can be set for shallow or deep tissue penetration for different time periods of treatment depending upon the condition that is being treated. Low Level Laser Machines LLLT usually needs multiple administrations within the first weeks of treatment, followed by weekly or monthly treatments as needed until the condition has resolved, or in the case of a chronic condition like arthritis, is well managed.

The beam of the laser consists of wavelengths with photons that penetrate into the tissue. The photons are absorbed by cells that are not properly functioning due to injury or disease. The photons help to initiate cellular processes by increasing the productivity of ATP, the energy source for cells. This increases overall cellular function, allowing for more rapid absorption of nutrients, elimination of wastes and reproduction of new cells. The reproduction of healthy cells and efficiency of cellular function aids to:

Alleviate chronic or acute pain
Reduce inflammation of soft tissue
Reduce edema (fluid trapped in body tissue)
Activate immune cells
Reduce bacteria in region of treatment
Increase blood flow to region of treatment
Speed healing and recovery

The effects of alleviating pain and reducing inflammation allow the animal to regain limited mobility and activity earlier in the recovery process. The laser also directly affects joint fluid and cartilage. This can benefit pets suffering from arthritis by increasing the range of motion in joints. Increased range of motion allows a pet with arthritis to engage in more moderate and comfortable exercise.

The photons emitted by Low Level Laser Machines LLLT have also shown improvement with neuronal regeneration and neural activity. Dogs that have suffered nerve injury may show an improvement in neurological function and range of motion with Low Level Laser Machines LLLT.

Why low level laser machines?

What is Low Level Laser Machines LLLT used for?-LLLT is used to increase the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair, resolve inflammation, and give pain relief.

It is an attractive form of treatment for animal athletes, due to the prospect of shorter recovery and lay-off times.

The portability of battery-powered diode laser systems enables treatment to be carried out in the barn, the trailer, or in the field, allowing the immediate and therefore more effective treatment of equine sports injuries, such as muscle tears, haematomas, and tendinopathies.What is
Potential Low Level Laser Machines LLLT Advantages?-Low Level Laser Machines LLLT is a non-invasive procedure, meaning that it does not require a surgical incision. This means that there is no prolonged recovery time.

Laser therapy also does not involve taking any medications, and many patients prefer to avoid taking medications. Studies have so far found that Low Level Laser Machines LLLT does not have serious side effects when used properly by a doctor.

low level laser machines for sale

low level laser machines for sale

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What istory side effect Pros & cons of Low Level Laser Machines LLLT?

Low Level Laser Machines LLLT or LLLT is a non-invasive laser therapy procedure so recovery time after the sessions is not prolonged. No medications prior to undergoing LLLT is required. Many PMR patients try to do away with additional medicines to take as there can be side effects. Also, studies revealed that there are no adverse side effects of LLLT to any patient if laser device is used properly by a licensed doctor.

However, relief doesn’t happen overnight. Patients have to undergo therapy sessions at least 2 times a week, and a series of treatments of 8 to 30 sessions. Yet these again depend on how severe your pain and conditions are.

How much is the cost of LLLT for polymyalgia treatment? On the average, the cost for each session is about $25 to $200. It can be pricey and many insurance companies may not cover your expenses for the treatment. So before thinking about having low-level laser therapy, check with your insurance company first.

low level laser machines for sale

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