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low level laser therapy uk

What is low level laser therapy machines?

low level laser therapy uk

low level laser therapy uk

What is Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT?-Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) is the application of red and near infra-red light over injuries or lesions to improve wound and soft tissue healing, reduce inflammation and give relief for both acute and chronic pain. First developed in 1967, it is now commonly referred to as Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT.

Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT is used to: increase the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair; resolve inflammation and relieve pain (analgesia).

The red and near infrared light (600nm-1000nm) commonly used in Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT can be produced by laser or high intensity LEDs. The intensity of Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT lasers and LED’s is not high like a surgical laser. There is no heating effect.

The effects of Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT are photochemical (like photosynthesis in plants). When the correct intensity and treatment times are used, red and near infrared light reduces oxidative stress and increases ATP. This improves cell metabolism and reduce inflammation. These effects can be enhanced with pulses however when analgesia is required there is a second mechanism which works best when a strong continuous beam is applied.

low level laser therapy uk

low level laser therapy uk

Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT devices are typically delivering 10mW – 500mW (0.01 -> 0.01 Watts). The power density typically ranges from 0.005W/Cm² -> 5 W/Cm².

Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT is popularly used for soft tissue injuries, joint conditions, neuropathic pain, non-healing leg and pressure ulcers.

NEWS The Lancet publishes landmark review of Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT for neck pain read more and listen to interview here
Introduction to Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT Video

Introduction to Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT and dose response by Prof. Michael Hamblin, Wellman Centre for Photomedicine, Harvard Medical School
Source: International Dose Response Society

Download ‘Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT dose review (PDF)’
This paper from Harvard Medical School reviews the Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT mechanisms and the biphasic dose response. It summarises the molecular and cellular mechanisms of Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT, gives a scientific explanation for the biphasic dose response (why a low dose has a stimulatory effect and why a high dose inhibits). Low power densities tend to get better healing and anti-inflammatory effects where higher power densities are more likely to inhibit (which may be useful if you just want an analgesic effect). I have to disclose an interest in this paper because I am a co-author. James Carroll CEO THOR Photomedicine.

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How low level laser therapy machines work?

How Does Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT Work?-The effects of laser therapy are photochemical and photomechanical, not thermal – at least, not on a macro-scale.

There are two primary forms of effects generated by laser irradiation of biological tissues: photon-absorption (the basis of photobiological action, and generated by all forms of light), and speckle formation, which is unique to laser therapy.

Photon-absorption effects occur when photons enter the tissue and are absorbed by photoreceptive molecules, called chromophores, in the mitochondria and at the cell membrane. Photonic energy is then converted to chemical energy within the cell, and is utilised in the form of ATP.

A number of the effects of laser irradiation, however, are unique, and are due to the speckle field that is created when coherent laser radiation is reflected, refracted and scattered. The speckle field is not simply a phenomenon created at and limited to the tissue surface, but is generated within a volume of tissue, persisting to the total extent of the depth of penetration of the laser beam.

Laser speckles formed deep in the tissue create temperature and pressure gradients across cell membranes, increasing the rate of diffusion across those membranes. Further, photons within each speckle are highly polarised, leading to an increased probability of photon absorption (one possible reason for why laser therapy has been shown to consistently out-perform other non-coherent light sources, especially for deeper tissue treatments).Laser therapy causes vasodilation, an increase in the size of small arteries and lymph vessels, this allows inflammation, swelling, and edema to be cleared from an injury site more effectively. The laser also stimulates light sensitive structures in your cells triggering a series of events within the cells leading to enhanced cell function and accelerate the healing process.
TARGET (Treatment Area Recognition and Guidance Enhanced Technology) Technology

The treatment found on the M4 Super Pulsed LaserStim is the first and only FDA-cleared device to use electric stimulation and laser in a single device. It is able to target areas of spasm both superficial and deep by constantly measuring the electroconductivity of the tissue. This helps to assist in identifying the optimal treatment location.

low level laser therapy uk

low level laser therapy uk

How do I use Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT ?

Simple Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT Treatment Technique-Example shown here is for a THOR Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT system with 200mW laser probe and cluster probe.

Having thoroughly palpated and assessed the area, set the timer to 20 seconds
Set the Pulse frequency to one of the following settings:
2.5 Hz – for acute injuries;
5 KHz – for chronic injuries and non-healing or infected wounds.
Treat the top of the neck/occiput atlas for 20 seconds
Then treat the nerve exits at C7 / T1 for 20 seconds
Then treat the nerve root exit related to injury for 20 seconds, and continue to treat several points along the course of the nerve towards the injury at 20 second intervals.
Treat each tender point for 20 seconds with the THOR 200mW laser probe. Palpate for any changes (eg: reduction in pain, change in tissue texture, relaxation of muscle, etc). If there is no response, then treat the tender points again. Palpate for any changes and repeat once more if necessary.
Finally treat the surrounding soft tissue with the cluster probe for 2 mins per area

Times are approximate and can be varied according to the dept of the injury / build of the patient.

Be accurate during treatment, gapping and positioning joints appropriately to gain maximum exposure of the joint, treating ‘around’ tendons where possible and be as thorough as time permits. Use Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT as soon as possible after injury, treating daily for acute conditions and less frequently as resolution occurs. Treat chronic inflammatory conditions twice weekly and osteo-arthritis weekly or fortnightly. Treat as many points as necessary during one session; do not move the probe during each application. Treat with single, then cluster probe during one session.

There are normally no adverse effects from Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT, however, patients occasionally experience mild discomfort / ache after treatment. This is due to a restimulation of the inflammatory phase and should settle down after 24 – 48 hours.

low level laser therapy uk

low level laser therapy uk

Why low level laser therapy machines?

What Are the Benefits of Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT?-Laser therapy offers patients a safe and effective therapy for a wide range of medical conditions, including soft tissue and sports injuries, arthritic conditions, repetitive stress injuries, wound healing and a variety of general health problems.

Clinical Benefits

Eliminates pain
Reduces the need for pharmaceuticals
Restores normal range of motion and physical function
No known adverse effects
No drug interactions
Often makes surgical interventions unnecessary
Provides a treatment alternative for patients that have not responded to conventional therapies

Physiological Effects

Increased production and release of:
Endorphins – natural analgesics
Cortisol – precursor of cortisone
Growth hormone – instrumental in tissue repair
ATP – improves and regulates cellular metabolism
Increased protein synthesis – collagen, DNA, fibroblasts
Venous and lymphatic flow facilitated
Increased angiogenesis – elevation of oxygen saturation
Enhanced immune response, etc.

Level Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT Machines LLLT may sometimes provide an effective alternative to surgery or medications—without accompanying side effects. It can help regenerate tissue, reduce inflammation, decrease pain, and increase immunity, and research has shown its efficacy in treating many conditions, including:

Plantar fasciitis
Rheumatoid arthritis
Temporomandibular joint disorder
Exercise-induced muscle fatigue and injury prevention
Skin conditions
Traumatic brain injury

low level laser therapy uk

low level laser therapy uk

Is Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT Painful?

No. Laser therapy is non-invasive, it does not break the skin or cause burns. Most people do not feel anything, while some have reported a slight tingling or warming sensation over the area being treated. Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is also known as Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT. The FDA approved LLLT in 2002. High powered lasers are used in the medical field to cut or destroy tissue.

What Clinical Uses of Level Laser Therapy Machines LLLT

There are a number of potential clinical uses for laser therapy, such as those in medical, dental, acupuncture, podiatric, chiropractic, osteopathic, and cosmetic applications. The most popular applications for low-level lasers are in veterinary, physiotherapy, and acupuncture practice.

Click here for an interesting article by the Dr Roberta Chow, in which she discusses the clinical uses of laser therapy in more detail. Link opens a new window.

low level laser therapy uk

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