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what is the most powerful laser pointer you can buy

what is the most powerful laser pointer you can buy

Were talking Hipower lasers here, likely IR lasers to as colourd lasers (Green for exsample) can get very pricy in this power range.

I suggest if your asking this is becuse you you have seen some cool videos on youtube of people burning things with lasers, Now I HATE to be a kill joy but with this type of laser you need to know all the safty advice and follow it unless you wan to go blind, so I suggest you sosome readin on laser safty first.

(These lasers are invisble and even a reflection (wich you wont be able to see) will blind you if you look at it / t gets you in the eye and you wont even know it is shinging in your eye becuse it is invible….but even if you could see it it is so powerfull it will damage your eyes before you can blink bascily…scary huh? If you dont care for your eye sight go out and get one but if you do read up on safty first. (Such as laser glassses designed to block the lasers from blinding you)

Now I not saying dont get one they are epicly cool and a great thing to own, and in reality they ARE NOT any more dangours than a gun or a knife, its just knowing how to safly handel them I guess, I hope once you have done some reading you do get one and enjoy it!
I know if I could afford one Id have one to!

A good place to start would be LPF, LaserPointFourms, they willl be able to give you much better advice on what one to buy….I would recomend looking at a lot of MFGs though a lot of noobs go for WickedLasers (They have good avdertising), and while they may be good lasers there also overpriced, and there are a lot better options out there to.

Its not whats best its just getting the right powerd one, its kind of like asking us what is the best Hipower flashlight….so yhea.

I was recommended here from LPF . I’m much more active the and have MANY more lasers than lights.

I can build you a mag lite laser 3w for half that price. I’ve built and sold many lasers and am a trusted member over there. My username is the same if you want to check out what I’ve been selling.

A 445nm (blue) laser is your best bet for power to price ratio if burning is your fancy. Let me know, I can build any host or power range you’d like, as well as direct you to a bunch of builders.

If you look in the ” rare mag lite” thread here at CPF, there is a pic of my personal mag laser 3w
I can burn from over 10ft
Can light a cigarette or paper bag from 15ft.

Inches away would be without focus. My 3w plus lasers can light thing fast at around 5ft. Smoke instantly

And under 1w would of course require close range.

Not many youtube videos are of custom lasers though, so under 2w.
Most of the guys building lasers are very bored of burning lol. It’s still fun, but I’m more concerned with NOT burning things during testing

Btw I have a 2.7w laser for sale in a custom black host for $200. This will burn anything you put in front of it. If focused, 5-10ft burn no problem.


I know rick trent personally. His lasers are what they say they are. He just drives then very hard without heatsink the driver. So becarefule how long you run it.



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